Creating second chances through training, support and employment in order to break the cycle of re-offending.

The Oswin Project supports ex-offenders in North East England by sourcing paid employment and apprenticeship opportunities. It works closely with HM Prisons, employers and partners to maximise potential.

The Public benefit arising from the work of The Oswin Project is:

  • Reduction in re- offending
  • Increased employment of ex- offenders and employability skills
  • Safer communities and families

All of which reduces the strain on the public purse .

The Oswin Project is a fine example of a local initiative seeking to deliver real change to the lives of former offenders. I encourage any initiative that seeks to prevent offenders from turning back to crime, as the effective prevention of reoffending is always preferable to detection. I wish the project well in its efforts and I am delighted to support it.

Steve Ashman
Chief Constable

The Oswin Project is so worthwhile and definitely deserves to succeed… This will not only save the public purse (possibly as much as £13Bn a year according to the NAO) but it will benefit both offenders and victims of crime. The demand for people with vocational skills across the North East business community means that we have to support this opportunity to train individuals and help them into employment